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the Fight I

The first part of the piano suite 'the Fight' is reminiscent of a boxing match.


the Fight III

About the special accents, slightly left of the middle of the keyboard.



About small sound scapes and about buying a hat with a dent.

Vanka I

About a story by Anton Chekhov with grandpa sitting on a stove.

Vanka III

The third and final part of the Vanka suite is about music and speed.

the Abandoned Castle

An old story with new music about thornbushes and a sleeping beauty..

Small Fences

About a small obstacle at the beginning of the bar.

a Narrative I

The first part of the suite 'a Narrative' is about inserting filling material in a musical composition.


Howling sirens and jackhammers tearing open the road surface: it's an ordinary weekday in Berlin.

Small Town among

the Rocks III

Jimi Hendrix is not with us anymore but his music still echoes!

Too Much, Too Many

Too many notes in the bar, the rhythm no longer fits!